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  1. Attractions And Things To Do In Dubai

    January 29, 2016 by idubaivisa

    Dubai is a growing city and it’s extremely ambitious bad fast paced exceeding all the abilities and time limits. Best hotel, beaches, international cuisines and the awesome service and luxury everywhere we go. We can also see the tallest skyscrapers and the people who come from all around the world for diversity of the residing makes it interesting. The cool breeze will always touch you throughout the year but outdoor activities are harsh in summer time. We find so much to do in Dubai, we be never face any problem to do something in Dubai. Our options will be endless sky diving to swimming with dolphins. Seven star hotels that give you a king and queen out of you.

    Listing Out The Attraction Of Dubai:

    Burj Khalifa

    Burj Khalifa

    Burj khalifa is most interesting and awesome architecture in the world, it witness the movie shooting in Hollywood. It’s a part of Dubai Holiday Visa. Burj khalifa is the tallest building in the world and it’s the pride of city with more than 150 floors which gives a life time experience.

    Dubai Museum

    Dubai Museum

    Culture of the city shows the uniqueness in the architecture of Dubai Museum. Old picture weapons are highlighted with the light effect which gives a mesmerizing view over the night. Explore the interesting history of nation in Dubai.

    Burj Al Arab

    Burj Al Arab

    It is Tallest Hotel In The World which is rated seven star grades. We have lots and lots more to say about this building its beauty is enhanced which is sited close to beach. Luxurious restaurants give a pleasure to enjoy their meals.

    Dubai Aquarium

    Dubai Aquarium

    The biggest aquarium in world is located in Dubai Mall. Some people don’t have the thrilling experience to do complete diving but you can safely have a site in aquarium and feel the same enthusiasm.

    Palm Jumeirah

    Palm Jumeirah

    Incredible Dubai has the world’s most popular island. It’s amazing and impressive island for its architecture of the construction. Palm jumeriah address your issues for its resort for holiday stay, family lodging, business inn and the residences.

    Wild Wadi Water Park

    Wild Wadi Water Park

    We can enjoy a lot in Water Park located in the heart of Dubai. It’s a best option for family visit. It’s really stunning and their are plenty amazing facilities for visitors.

  2. Enjoy This New Year 2016 In The Dubai Shopping Festival

    January 5, 2016 by idubaivisa

    The Dubai shopping festival is the largest extravaganza of entertainment and shopping in the Middle East. It starts each year in the month of January and is the largest running festival. Along with the deals, The (DSF) Dubai Shopping Festival offers the plenty of amazing events, celebrity performances and it is home to the Guinness world records. It is the favourite pastime to celebrate for the emirates. This festival is the 1 month fest and anticipated as the Dubai’s best shopping festival. Dubai has many attractive places for the visitors of Dubai like the malls, resorts, beaches, nature, etc. But the Dubai shopping festival will take your breath away. Plan your holiday to Dubai and take home the most memorable memories ever. In 2016, UAE celebrates the 21st anniversary for the Dubai shopping festival.




    In the shopping festival, you’ll not just enjoy shopping but also you’ll get to see many magicians, street performers, jugglers and live performances of many musicians to keep the festival entertaining and flowing. It is the second most favourite shopping place after United States. The first day of the festival displays huge amazing fireworks and this festival is known as the Layali Dubai in the language of Arabic. The DSF is started since 1996 and has become the best tourist attraction all around the world. Here you’ll shop for the discounts up to 75% and can also enjoy the other activities like children’s events, fashion shows, music concerts, raffle draws and many more.


    During DSF, The Dubai Malls are brimming with activity and filled of items like perfumes, watches, are and crafts, carpets, clothing, jewellery, electronics at hugely discounted prices of 75%. You can enjoy shopping here and can get your favourite items at great prices.


    Dubai is mainly famous for its gold. During DSF, the souks of Dubai are filled with the shining gold jewellery like bangles, bracelets and necklaces with the reasonable price.


    Along with the discounts and tax-free rates, the shoppers of the DSF also have an opportunity to win the weekly prizes. The DSF has offered worth of several million dollars of prize money including cash, gold and the luxury car which makes the fest more enjoyable and attractive.




    To get a UAE Visit Visa For Family or for the Dubai Tourist Visa, you should submit the following visa documents required like the copy of your passport, passport size photo and the copy of your flight booking.

  3. Visit Dubai And Enjoy The Stunning And The Beautiful Places In Dubai!

    November 9, 2015 by idubaivisa

    If you are planning go for a summer trip and you are confused in deciding the place to visit this summer, why not Dubai? You can even Apply For Online Dubai Visa and get it easily. Want to know why you need to choose Dubai? Here are the reasons:

    The Beautiful Places In Dubai

    Stunning Beaches And Night Clubs:

    During summer you definitely want to have very good sea breezes, and Dubai definitely possess that. It has stunning beach bars which allows you to soak up the rays and in fact you are pretty well entertained by the best DJs during nights.

    Shoppers Stop:

    Dubai is really a dream haven for shopaholics. Tourists specially make a Visit To Dubai during shopping festivals that lasts for at least a month with all those beautiful night concerts and give away prizes. Shoppers even win expensive things like gold and Cars. Why not try your luck too?

    Foodie’s Heaven:

    Due to presence of hundreds of Indian, Persian, Arab, Pakistani, French, Filipino, Japanese, Chinese and American restaurants, Dubai really serves you some of the most delicious all time food treats. In fact food festivals throughout the year are very common there.

    Modern Architecture:

    Dubai’s architectural style must be the thing you must have heard of. It beautifully displays both new and traditional architecture. The Burj Al Arab or Burj Khalifa, not only they are better known as the world’s tallest buildings but they are the best examples of architectural masterpiece in Dubai.

    Best Hospitality:

    You definitely will mind going to places where you are not so welcomed. The Culture Of Dubai on the basis of its hospitality will definitely make you awestruck. No matter what social class they may belong, but the people there are very popular for their generosity in welcoming tourists and travellers to their place.

  4. Plan Your Upcoming Holidays In Dubai

    July 25, 2015 by idubaivisa

    Dubai is a land of never-ending attractions that are fulfilled you could explore to the fullest. It’s the land of wonders that are notional.

    Plan Your Upcoming Holidays In DubaiDubai is one of the few metropolises on earth which has experienced a tremendous transformation in a short span of time, becoming one of the quickest growing cities on the world. Dubai considered as the most amazing emirates of UAE and is always changing. Dubai is the ideal vacation destination which provides Dubai Visa on Arrival for certain nationalities. You must check out Dubai once if you are planning a holiday overseas.

    Holidays In DubaiEither you’re a shopping freak or an adventurer, Dubai Tours is the best option for you to serve your want. This is a desert city having the most amazing and complex infrastructures. Dubai provides several attractions for its guest like shopping, Desert Safari, Arabic Cuisines and last but not the least partying.

    Dubai mall is the biggest mall on the planet, giving you the very best shopping experience ever. Dubai has got tremendous skyscrapers that were impressive as Rose tower, Burj Khalifa, Emirates tower as well as The Index etc. Dubai is generally regarded as the City of Gold, as it’s approximately 250 gold retail stores. You can also go for gold shopping at any given moment. And if, you’re tired of seeing and shopping areas, mean while you’ll be able to go and see the shores including the ‘Dubai shore’ one of the finest shore of the city. Along with this, you may love lots of tasks like Dubai chopper tour, dhow cruise, dolphin show and Dubai Desert Safari etc.

    Thus, go and check out Dubai Tourism now online and check How To Apply For Dubai Visa for your upcoming trip.